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Israel Summer Leadership 

A 4 Week Teen Journey Across Israel For Highschoolers

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A 4-week journey led by the heads of Israel's Academy for Leadership. 

We will be hiking and navigating across the country, working with CEOs of startup companies, learning our history, working in agriculture, training with elite units, and building projects for the future. 

Israel Summer Journey 2022 - Take a Glimpse Into Our Powerful Experience

Israel Summer Journey 2022 - Take a Glimpse Into Our Powerful Experience

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What We Do


Build Character

Pushing the limits of the participants and putting them in a situation that will make them show responsibility and leadership.

Build Identity

Asking the deep questions regarding our Jewish Identity and mission as the younger generation.

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Connect To Israel

Rather than experiencing Israel as passive viewers and tourists, we have the participants interact, work, and have a dialog face to face with Israeli youth and leaders.

The Program

Week 1

Building a Team

Team-building exercises, agriculture work in a Kibbutz, touring Tel Aviv the "Start-Up Nation", Mappilim reenactment ocean exercise, camping night, raft building competition, and learning hiking methods in nature with team tasks.

Week 2

Military Week

Train with elite units in the IDF, tour the Gaza border, volunteer on a  military base, travel through a unique cave on a rappelling mission with anti-terror instructors, and learn the basics of navigation and survival skills.

Week 3

Mission Impossible Week

A one week Mossad treasure hunt across Israel where you will travel throughout Israel's towns, cities, and nature, together with Israeli teens. Throughout the journey you will interact with various groups of Iocal Israelis.

Week 4

Jewish Identity Week

Explore our Jewish Identity through archaeological digs, visiting Mount Hertzl and Yad Vashem, touring the old city in Jerusalem, walking in the paths of fighters who fought in the independence war, conversations with local leaders, and volunteering with Holocaust survivors.