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Our Team


Asher Katz

Director Me'ever

Asher was raised in Neve Daniel (near Jerusalem) by American Zionist parents who made aliyah to Israel from Los Angeles, in 1995. He studied at the Yeshiva of Otniel and graduated from the pre-army leadership academy of Ein Pratt.
During his army service in a specialized unit that locates terrorist tunnels on the Gaza borders, Asher encountered Israeli communities that were heavily affected by security distress in those areas. In response, he established "soldier communities", where active duty officers take residence within these challenged neighborhoods. The officers then spend weekends lifting spirits and helping fix destroyed houses and buildings. Six such communities exist today, drawing initiative and entrepreneurship to hard-hit locales. What makes them so special is a guiding principal that when today's young face modern day Zionist challenges, they build their adult lives around serving those missions.  The idea of “soldier communities” continues to grow and has also transformed into a vibrant movement.

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